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  • SaaS Software Solution that makes it easy to manage your business

    We make the software easy

    ambar is the cloud software that makes it simple and easy management tasks and managing your business. Without investment in Hardware, Servers, Maintenance, Safeguards, and best of all EASY!                  Just register and start using.

    Did you know that only 30% of the investment to implement a Software corresponds to Licensing and Hardware?
    The rest is implementation, consultancy and training
    ambar lower training costs, reducing their investment with excellent results.

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  • Trips


    A comprehensive solution that enables travel monitoring, units control, payments to Drivers and freighters, among others. Joining in one product all you need to control your fleet and make trips. Ambar Trips is the first solution to manage multiple sections for a single trip.

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  • CRM


    This product allows to track your sales force without complex internal processes. Integrated with social networks and calendars. Monitor your sales and get a sales forecast without complicating its operation.

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  • Logistics


    The more agile way to manage your stock or your Customers in its Warehouse. Enabling the rapid location tracking, inventory and distribution. Ambar Logistics solution is the unique solution that connects the complexity of operation and ease of use in one Software.

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  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    A simple tool for monitoring the Human Resources Payroll for your business that gives you the ability to integrate with social networks and personal searches in a simple and friendly way.

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  • Project


    Organize your projects coordinated by your staff in an efficient and convenient way, taking precise control and production performance of assigned equipment. Check spent time per task and progress with burndown graph and Gantt charts.

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  • Fleets


    The ideal solution for any company looking for special control of fleet units. Allowing you to have a history log of their preventive and corrective maintenance for both vehicles, boats, airplanes or the type of units required.

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SaaS: Software as a Service


$0 de costo de mantenimiento. No debe invertir en Hardware, Licencias, mantenimiento ni instalar versiones. Solo se conecta a Internet y su Software está siempre Actualizado!

Software Simple

Easy to use

We make the software simple and intuitive, so will take to a minimum biggest cost of the Software Implementation: Staff Training.



Locate the position on maps, units and resources geolocalizando or making optimal routes.



You can design statistics, queries and reports or if you need to change circuits or processes, ask it we make the software according to your needs.



Design your solution to fit your needs, enabling the modules you need according to the requirements growthing with your company. More info

GoogleApps Integration


Work integrated with leading cloud services like GoogleDrive, GMAIL, LinkedIN, GeoNames, Skype and others.. More info

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